Krone Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs 2018 MCC

We’re sipping on Krone’s new Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs

Born under the veil of night, this just-released 2018 Cap Classique is all out luxury.

There’s something utterly magical about the night. A spectacular show of light precedes what’s to come, the day’s activity ceases and calm returns. Stars pierce holes in the sky, the black weight of night seems to go on into the depths of the galaxy and the world is camouflaged… steeped in an inky palette of onyx, licorice and graphite.

This is a time when the mind loosens its grip and we let down our guard, some to enjoy the quiet and others to gather together or head out for a night of revelry. What happens behind the veil of night is very often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, but at Twee Jonge Gezellen, the 300-year-old home of Krone, night-time is a busy time among the chardonnay vineyards.

For it’s at night when the chardonnay grape is at its most pure and the flavours at their most delicate. This is the time of day when the fruit is crisp and alive… with flavours that dance on the tongue. The very spirit of life after hours has been captured in one radiant sparkling wine –  Krone’s new 2018 Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs.

Picture the scene: it was an early January night in late summer, the air was crisp, the mood silent, save for the many hands picking grapes under the light of a new moon. The sky was a vast sea of black, strewn with stars. Romantic? Yes. But also, an accurate description of Krone’s 2018 harvest – the setting for Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs.

The making

Once the grapes have been harvested, sorted by hand and pressed in whole bunches, only the premium free-run juices are captured and naturally fermented in foudres. They’re then bottle-matured in Krone’s underground cellar and age on the lees for up to 36 months before the secret dosage is added to balance this Cap Classique and render it an exceptional nectar.

The nose and palate

For this vintage-only Cap Classique, the unique climate of Twee Jonge Gezellen’s 2018 harvest is expressed on the palate. The year’s blue skies, drought-driven parched earth and resulting small yield have culminated in a wine unlike any other – with high stable acids, low PH and a clean fermentation. All of these factors come into play, harmoniously uniting like an orchestra for the makings of a premium sparkling wine.

Bold and vivacious, Night Nectar will give you stony pale lemon on the nose with hints of baked yellow apples, orange zest, dessert peaches and cinnamon along with the spice of alpine herbs. On tasting it, you’ll get a luxuriously creamy mousse with a base of peach. The bright acidity in conjunction with mellowed-out richness is a marker of the 2018 harvest and reveals the provenance of Krone’s vintage-only approach whereby inimitable characteristics are born with each new year. Each sip lingers on the palate with a citrusy, nutty finish. To pair, we’d suggest enjoying Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs with a plate of freshly shucked oysters.

“This is a first of its kind in South Africa; no other Cap Classique producer has made a premium nectar before. We’re positioning alongside Champagne, but we’re proudly Cap Classique,” notes Abigail Rands, Krone’s Marketing Director. So special is this MCC that they’ve produced a limited release of just 6 000 bottles, each of them capturing the intrigue of night.… that’s reason enough not to overthink it and grab yours.

Words: Mila Crewe-Brown
Production: J-P de la Chaumette
Photography: Travys Owen

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