Heather Boting

Democratising interior design

Four (and a half) reasons to love the smart new design solution by Heather Boting.

We’ve all been there before… you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s missing in your home interior and, because you’re a really smart cookie, possibly even how to go about approaching a makeover. But you can’t access most of the textiles without a trade linked designer and you don’t really know your thread count from your Martindale count.

We were squealing with delight when we heard about the new Home Sample Package by interior designer Heather Boting. It’s like using your best friend’s advice (the one with all the industry know-how and the trade connections) for a once-off fee and then having the time to proceed as and how you wish.

Once selected and ordered, the sample box includes carefully sourced curtain and reupholstery fabrics, a paint card selection, marble and Limesite samples for countertops, splashbacks and finishes, wood stains, metals and wallpaper finishes. It’s a whole lot of effort and industry knowledge with very little input from your side.

Here are 4 (and a half) reasons it has our vote:

1. You’ll be getting the expertise of someone who has worked in magazines as a stylist and has gone on to design show stands and interiors under her own name, without having to go the full design route… like a mini interior design commission.

2. Because a service like this costs a lot less than hiring an interior designer on site, not to mention the fact that there’s no time pressure… you can fulfil the scheme she has put together in your own time. The Sample Package costs R10 000 and comes with some great additional options like a floor plan or mood board to choose from.

3. You’ll get the freedom to flex your own interior design muscles using Heather’s professional guidance as the backbone. No need to have that awkward conversation with your designer when you secretly hate the sheepskin or need to save up for a year before buying that Tibetan wool rug; the power’s in your hands.

4. It doesn’t get easier than this. The process includes choosing one of three Base colour palettes: Coastal Cement, Namibian Dune or Scandinavian Mist and then adding an Accent from a selection of five: Ocean Blue, Succulent Green, Rust Red, Ochre Yellow or Floral Pink. Et voila… your comprehensive sample box will be delivered to you.

4½. Because it’s innovation like this that we just love. The industry works a certain way, but when a need arises, only a few dare to answer the call. It’s lockdown-friendly, but it has legs to continue filling a gap long after the interior design landscape has resumed back to ‘normal’.

Take a look at her sample boards and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

First pick your base colour palette…

Then select your accent colour from a choice of 5 options.


WORDS: Mila Crewe-Brown
IMAGES: Supplied