This is Us

We say we’re about smart art direction and smart content and we guarantee that’s more than just smart marketing. Our typeface, logo and web design, the way that our site reads visually, and the quality of our images are as painstakingly considered as the copy that fills your screen. Our opinion? Yay or nay, you’ll know about it. And, whether we’re in favour or not, we’ll substantiate those viewpoints. 

We’re not big on puff pieces. So, we’ve replaced that model with well-researched, fresh content that ignites the reader. To us, stylish living is about considered, authentic and independent style in all its shades, the full 360 degrees of living life beautifully. is an ode to exactly those values. Our content covers design, decoration and shopping, as well as culture, gardens, food and drink. And, because independent viewpoints matter to us, we’ve also made room for a platform dedicated to opinions from compelling voices. 

Our team has worked the South African media and design scene for many years, putting their skills to brands like Design Joburg, Design Indaba, Condé Nast House & Garden and House and Leisure magazines to name a few. We want to take that collective currency and offer you more than what you’ve become accustomed to. More than the standard.

Who Are We?

JP de la Chaumette

Publisher and Editor-at-Large, Jean-Pierre de la Chaumette, a publicist with an enviable little black book and a skilled stylist, and interior and product designer.

Editor-in-Chief, Mila Crewe-Brown, a writer who specialises in design and has spent over a decade working within and alongside major design magazines, she’s our orchestrator of the written word.

Martin Jacobs

Deputy Editor, Martin Jacobs, former Creative Director of Condé Nast House & Garden and Gourmet magazines, whose razor-sharp eye for design and double-digit years on interiors titles have seen his work published both locally and abroad.

Sarah Jayne Fell. Image by Alison Thomson, Boffi

Head of Digital, Sarah Jayne Fell runs her own content agency, a natural segue from publishing as Editor of One Small Seed magazine and head of digital at Design Indaba. She knows the back end of our website like the back of her hand and schools us on social media, SEO and all things digital.


At Lifestyling we offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities for relevant businesses in the design, decor and lifestyle categories. More information on our Advertise page.

Please get in touch with J-P de la Chaumette, our Publisher, to request our ratecard. He’s contactable on or 072 073 7200. We look forward to chatting.