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At Lifestyling, we always aim to stay fresh and relevant. We don’t like to replicate press releases, preferring to publish everything in our own words. We also love content that is unique to us. It’s all part of our authentic journey to create an online magazine worthy of our readers’ time.

So, if you have anything interesting, quirky or thought-provoking you’d like to share with our team, then please email It could be an interior design project or home, a new furniture collection, a forthcoming art exhibition, or perhaps you’ve discovered someone doing exciting work in the creative world.

Please do also get hold of us for advertising opportunities. Our Publisher is J-P de la Chaumette and he’s contactable on or 072 073 7200. We look forward to chatting.

For general feedback feel free to send us a message on the form below! We’d love to hear from you.

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