Kare Johannesburg 2021
Flame Studios, Tracy Lynch, Nandos, Johannesburg, Traditional design, Geometric patterns, Vibrant, Heritage

Burning up for Flame Studios

We went beyond the walls of the newly launched Flame Studios at Constitutional Hill and had a chat with Tracy Lynch, the creative mastermind behind the design

Noē Prades, Lounge, Spaces, Decor, Interior design, Black and white, Monochromatic

The reign in Spain

For Noē Prades, a rising star of Iberian design, decorating with noble intentions means a respect of histories both natural and cultural.

Industrial revolution

How to master the industrial look, by way of this commercial space turned four-floor penthouse in the heart of Cape Town.

Carl Gerges, Beirut, architecture

School of rock

Heartthrob drummer-turned-architect Carl Gerges focuses his attention on conquering ancient stone.

CREDIT: Piet Oudolf garden courtesy of Gardenista.com

The romance of grass

There’s a fuss in the garden landscaping community at the moment about something a lot of us take for granted: grass.

Tyers home front view

The artful lodgers

Arriving at the home of Nicky and Philip Tyers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re actually at an art gallery.

Mexican beach house in Oaxaca

Castles in the sand

A brave and bold beach house on Mexico’s Oaxacan shoreline pays homage to its surrounds through ostensibly simple design.