Kare Johannesburg 2021
Cool Kids

Cool kids on the block

A kids’ space as stylish as your own? Yes, it is possible, thanks to brands like these.

Frederick Sinclair - Design News

Design news

What’s launching on the local design landscape right now? We cast the net.

Cocktail Cabinets

Six cocktail cabinets to covet

As we head into Summer it’s time to start upping our cocktail game… in preparation for lazy days of sipping whilst soaking up some Vitamin D.

Scented Candles

Scents and sensibility

Fragranced candles evoke distant memories and recall exotic escapes. What better time to make the most of home life (and home offices) than now?


Man about (London) Town

We’re huge admirers of Miles de Lange’s style, and his natural flair for interiors. View his London apartment and recreate the look.

Mondrian in Africa - shop / decorate

Mondrian in Africa

Piet Mondrian is an iconic 20th century artist whose simple forms in minimalist red, blue and yellow still resonate today.