No need for plattertudes!

The Dialogue Room and Studio AN’s new stone platters are (almost) too pretty to eat off.

Having opened The Dialogue Room last year and brought their family-owned natural stone business of more than 100 years into the here and now, Cannata has got our attention. Their recent MORPH collaboration with local architecture and interior design brand Studio AN thrilled us for the innovative furniture and accessories it produced, all of which pushed the limits of marble and terrazzo. Continuing their love of experimentation, they’ve released a series of stone platters that fuses ancient materials with clean-lined geometry. The result is a posse of bowls, plates and platters that is beautiful and functional, serving as a worthy stage for cheese and crackers or heirloom jewels and bringing poetry to the everyday.  

Prices range from R200.00 to R1,800.00

WORDS: Mila Crewe-Brown
PRODUCTION: J-P de la Chaumette