DJC Summer

Girl, interrupted

Artist Claudia Gurwitz’s latest body of work, Interrupted, at the AVA Gallery from 2 June, is an uncomfortable look at the current disconnect between nature and humanity.

Sascha Polkey

Digitising the fourth wall

In theatre, the ‘fourth wall’ is an invisible layer between audience and performers that allows us to disengage from reality and enter the immersive experience of a

Russell Smith - self portrait

Getting to know Russell Smith

The light-bender and mood-maker behind Instagram’s Portraits in the Pandemic and one of SA’s best commercial photographers.

Jessica Rushmere: Swan Café - image: Micky Hoyle

Jessica Rushmere: hatching a swan

For the Swan Café owner, work ethic, intuition, attention to detail and caring for people are integral to winning as a woman in business.