Cool kids on the block

A kids’ space as stylish as your own? Yes, it is possible, thanks to brands like these.

First and foremost, to the parents out there…we empathize. Your home is just not the perennially stylish and on-trend space that it was BC (Before Children). And if it is, tell us your secret. So it’s been established that for decades, everything carrying the label “child” has become garish, outrageously coloured, loud, plastic inside and out and designed to steal your little ones (and your own) attention and take it on a joyride. That is… everything after the era of tin, wood, paper, cotton and the like.

Well, there’s been something of a return to that wholesome aesthetic and those principles of value and quality, but with a 21st century upgrade in the mix, where motor and brain development and stimulation are in the foreground (without the bleeping tinny noises and the flashing lights).

Enter a new guard of kid’s toys and homeware that you can show off and that will improve the life of your little one. Herewith, four of the best in show.

Le Creuset

True, there are many brands of late who’ve released tasteful kitchenware for kids’ mealtimes, but very few of them have the longevity of stoneware. We were thrilled when Le Creuset released their Baby Collection, which brings a distinctively stylish touch to breakfast, lunch and supper.

The collection includes eight products from a baby mug and spoon to tasteful, yet fun baby bear plates. And, since Le Creuset more than deliver when it comes to colour, each item comes in a choice of Milky Pink or Pastel Blue, subtle enough for Mum and Dad but stimulating enough for babe.

As a baby shower or kids birthday gift, anything from the range would score you major brownie points. Don’t say we don’t look out for you.

The Bedroom Shop

The online shop of this trusted Knysna based bedding company (offering the convenience of nationwide delivery) makes sourcing cool kids bed linen a breeze. Their little ones’ range includes duvets and pillowcases by the likes of Australia’s Linen House, who absolutely nail fresh and contemporary bedding, especially with their fun Hiccups collection.

Contrasting cord piping and reversible prints on some of their bedding sets make for clever detailing, as does the quality of the graphics… think pencil sketches and inky drawings, toucans, sloths, scuba divers and pufferfish from the deep. Their duvet sets are printed on 100% cotton and the reversible ones provide you with an opportunity to keep the look varied. As a collection, they get the equilibrium between quality, style and fun for little ones spot on.

Taylor Blinds & Shutters

Any self-respecting parent would happily lose a limb for baby to get a little extra sleep. Ensuring that the first hours of dawn don’t get in the way of that (nor the bright rays of midday sun if it’s nap time) are vital. That’s why Taylor Blinds’ Block Out Roller options have been so popular.

The great news is that there’s a gamut of fabric and colour options to choose from. Flipping the script on the typical kid’s textiles, they’re subtle and ever so stylish. You could opt for a finish that has the look and feel of linen or cotton but none of the maintenance in charcoal or wheat, or a classic stripe.

Their Thermowood® Shutters are also ideal for their ability to manipulate light as well as dampen any noise and insulate. Some of the most impressive features in our opinion are their PVC-free fabrics, as well as their clever safety clips for roller blinds, which prevent any risk of strangulation.


No newcomer in the European kids’ sector, this nearly 50-year-old Danish furniture brand has just arrived on local shores. For FLEXA, it’s all about improving kids’ lives and that means creating furniture that covers the three central areas of a child’s development, from baby to tween: sleep, study and play. Their collections include storage, beds, tables, chairs, toys and more, all of them representing the Danes’ penchant for design that’s stylish, high in quality and functional.

We wouldn’t be giving away too much if we told you that FLEXA’s approach is centered around, well, flexibility. Their products are designed to adapt as your children grow and their stringent quality controls mean that they’ll outlast your teens too.

That they give back a portion of their revenue to local community kids initiatives in South Africa makes them all the more worthy in our book.

WORDS: Mila Crewe-Brown
PRODUCTION: J-P de la Chaumette
IMAGES: Supplied (Cottonbro from Pexels and Nynne Schroder from Unsplash for select images for Taylor Blinds and Shutters)