Taking the cake

While you may be unable to take home these showstopper cakes from Moscow’s Tortik Annushka patisserie, we help you do the next best thing – shop the look.

We’re so impressed with the arrestingly beautiful cakes created by the patissiers at Tortik Annushka that we consider them works of edible design. Established in 2009, the pastry shop and school prides itself on creating masterpieces that marry cutting-edge technology with the finest of ingredients. Celebrating the art of baking, the cakes bring to mind artists from some of history’s standout movements. We couldn’t help but look locally for functional art and design that’s as delectably appealing.

The Cubists

cakes - the cubists
CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Belt small candle holders, R595.00 each from La Grange Interiors  |  Asteria Aphrodite Gilt fabric, R2,801.40 per metre from Stuart Graham  |  Arc cabinet in ash wood, R22 995.00 from Aura Furniture & Décor   |  Black vase, R2 550.00 from Cecile & Boyd  | 
The Stonekeeper MMXVI limited-edition table, POR by Douglas & Co and available from Southern Guild   |  Only They Know wallpaper , R545.00 per square metre from Cara Saven Wall Design  |  Morph terrazzo stool R25,000.00 by Studio AN from The Dialogue Room  |  Cloche table lamp, from R7,160.00 by HAY from Créma   

The Romantics

cakes - The Romantics
CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: ‘Disc I’ in copper by Conrad Hicks, POR from Southern Guild  |  Flute table, R4,111.25 from Mash.T Design Studio   |  Lava Rosewood fabric, R2,122.90 per meter from Stuart Graham  |  Drip table lamp , R9,995.00 from La Grange Interiors  |  Sundays wallpaper, R545.00 per square metre from Cara Saven Wall Design |  ‘Cumulus’ in brass-plated jacaranda wood and mild steel by Sanell Aggenbach, POR from Whatiftheworld  |  Morph table lamp, R3,800.00 by Studio AN from The Dialogue Room  |  CENTRE:  Turning Circles tiles, R2,136.00 per square meter from Akashic Tiles  |  Eva armchair, R13,220.00 from La Grange Interiors.

The Constructivists

cakes - the constructivists
CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Time Unspent wallpaper, R545.00 per square metre from Cara Saven Wall Design |  Sun City cabinet in mild steel and mansonia wood by Dokter and Misses, POR from Southern Guild  |  Modal coffee table, R6,995.00 from Aura Furniture & Décor |  Marble paperweight, R1,530.00 from Cecile & Boyd  |  Facet Vase in black, from R523.00 by Vorster and Braye  |  Cyrus Chair, R10,900.00 from La Grange Interiors  |  Cara mirror, R3,495.00 from Aura Furniture & Décor  |  Tam Tam lacquered stool, R5,850.00 from La Grange Interiors  |  Docks Table II in ceramic, steel and glass by Andile Dyalvane, POR from Southern Guild


Production: Martin Jacobs, J-P de la Chaumette and Juliette Arrighi de Casanova

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