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Bathrooms that revel in the colour field

Our guide to injecting your bathroom with unadulterated colour.

Remember, there was a time when people used to fit their bathrooms out in jade green, candy pink, lavender-blue and yes, even black. Companies like Twyfords began manufacturing coloured bathroom suites as early as the 1930s, but this fell out of favour in the 90s as white sanitaryware became the safe standard.

For the truly “audacious”, colour in the bathroom has manifested in paint, wallpaper and tiles. Taps were the first to break this monochromatic mood; black came first and is still trending, then the brighter more playful shades followed suit, or is that suite? Today though, you can install a terracotta basin, a candy floss toilet and a duck egg blue bath.

We’ve scoured the sanware landscape to bring you a feast of colour, and not the avocado greens or almonds of the 70s and 80s mind you, we’re talking as bright as tangerine and cornflower and as demure as butter yellow and blush pink in styles that are sure to have you dreaming up a remodel.


A total classic in our books, blue has the flexibility to be as familiar as royal, duck egg and indigo and as irreverent as cobalt and cyan. It can be particularly crisp and contemporary teamed with white, or you can warm it up with brass or natural textures like wood and grass weave.


We too have been mentally scarred by the ripe hue of avocado that reigned supreme in the 70s, but the greens of today are a million miles from that. Choose from the freshest Granny smith green, a contemplative shade of moss or even a barely-there whisper of sage.


Treasured for its uplifting qualities, this posse of shades includes orange, yellow and earth tones, including the current interior design favourite: terracotta. Think Palm Beach, Florida or Morocco for a little style inspiration.


You can thank millennials for the fact that pink has become as impartial as beige. Somehow this soft and comforting hue feels like the safest option for those dipping a toe into the colour field. Pinks pair particularly well with neutrals, brass or even black as in the gorgeous Victorian Bathrooms Burlington and Ex.t references.


This look is all about throwing caution to the wind and mixing various colours to cheerful effect. Our only suggestion here would be to think back to your school colour wheel in terms of complementary colours. Bed partners include pink and green; orange and blue; yellow and violet.

Production: J-P de la Chaumette and Martin Jacobs
Words: Mila Crewe-Brown
Photography: Supplied with hero image courtesy of Avalana Design.