OKHA, La BelleVue, Llandudno

On the rocks

Whilst recognisable to many, having graced the pages of a local magazine as well as a few international ones, this Llandudno home is by Cape Town design studio OKHA. For us, it epitomises a quintessentially modern South African aesthetic – and so we thought it worth featuring for a second viewing.

Designing furniture and objects d’art in collaboration with a variety of local artists and artisans, OKHA has expanded their covetable retail offering to include an interior architecture and design component.

This complete architectural renovation and extension was collabortiavely undertaken by Bomax Architects and OKHA Interior Architecture and Design. We take a closer look at this prized project.

From its elevated position, the house has spectacular views of both mountain and ocean which are visible from every aspect of the house. Although the architecture expresses a modern, almost minimalist aesthetic, the homeowner was keen to express his African heritage. This was achieved using various elements in the interior; subsequently much of the furniture items were custom designed to subtly articulate an African modernism. The result, whilst obviously luxurious, also injects personality into the space.

The OKHA designed three-dimensional hand-carved front door is a highlight. Inspired by traditional African motifs and sculpture, the door sets the tone for further contemporary interpretations found throughout the interior.


WORDS & PRODUCTION: J-P de la Chaumette
PHOTOGRAPHY: Micky Hoyle and Karl Rogers

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