Hendre Bloem: Cape Town penthouse with killer views gets a moody makeover.

Drama class

A Cape Town penthouse with killer views gets a moody makeover.

A light kitchen renovation becomes a complete apartment overhaul: the storyline is familiar to those who’ve embarked on a renovation. For the owners of this Atlantic Seaboard apartment, their home boasted the kind of views that most Capetonians would be envious of, surveying the Atlantic Ocean and Greenpoint Stadium; the interior – however – was dated and lacked personality. The latter is something of a matador’s cape for interior designer Hendre Bloem, whose portfolio of residential projects is infused with tell-tale drama, warmth and a discernibly masculine palette. 

To celebrate the all-important views, Hendre used smoked charcoal mirror to reflect the outdoors and bring them into the interior, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom and bathroom. The furniture, meanwhile, was sourced from a host of leading local design brands, with some European classics in the mix and channels edgy urban vibes with a moody undercurrent.

“We decided early on to strip the finishes back to expose the raw, edgy and unique elements the architecture has to offer, like the off-shutter concrete soffits and raw timber details,” recalls Hendre. In doing so, he has introduced a sense of authenticity that’s lacking in many modern urban apartments. To these raw elements he added a dose of slick sophistication by way of luxe finishes like walnut, black glass and marble in dark tones. The result is slick and sexy and uses contrast to maximum effect. 


Words: Mila Crewe-Brown
Production: J-P de la Chaumette and Martin Jacobs
Captions: Hendre Bloem
Photography: Karl Rogers