Tea for Two: among friends and fellow creatives

Catch up on the conversation between furniture and interior designer-vlogger Justin van Breda and Lifestyling.co.za publisher, Jean-Pierre de la Chaumette.

You first met Justin van Breda in our launch edition PEOPLE Q&A which covered time travel and the chair that “should be on every veranda in the world.” Now, he interviews our very own publisher (and good friend) Jean-Pierre de la Chaumette (JP) on his renowned vlog Tea for Two, a global talk series hosted on his Instagram Live @justinvanbreda, which kicked off in lockdown with fellow South African designer Serena Crawford.

Watch their chat session in the IGTV Live video above.

Tea for Two crib notes

Don’t have the time to watch the full episode? Here are some highlights from the discussion:

3:40 – what led JP to launch Lifestyling.co.za

4:42 – JP’s role as a changemaker and advocate for various social and political causes including lockdown trading rights in the design sector

11:00 – our international relevance as a local media platform and the global vs local mix

15:17 – how SA design has shaped its own identity

17:05 – on defining the modern African design vernacular

48:49 – what to expect from Lifestyling.co.za’s content and how it’ll be rolled out

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