Welcome to Lifestyling.co.za

A warm (and thoroughly optimistic) welcome to Lifestyling.co.za.

If you had told me eighteen months ago that I’d be launching an online magazine from scratch, a loud ‘pfft!’ would’ve been my response. As someone who has been surrounded by creative content over the last twenty years, I admit that the idea of something like Lifestyling has always been at the back of my mind. But, to launch a title like this in the midst of the mayhem of Covid-19, even reflecting on it now, just seemed daft.

Yet here it is. Despite the uneasy circumstances that precipitated its arrival, this new online magazine aims to be a force for positivity, creativity and wide-open thinking.

Lifestyling is all about taste, talent and ideas. We look to the past, present and future (and often combinations thereof) to inspire a more considered world. We examine architecture, design, décor, travel, art… a life of style. But we’re not just conveying this by showcasing “pretty” things – we also seek out the real opinions of thought leaders, innovators, disruptors and influencers.

We’re not prescribers of style, either. Rather, we’re purveyors of it. Our mission is to share the good stuff with you. We’re champions of the enduring aesthetic, time-honoured artisanal skills and storytelling. Expect the eclectic.

For the layman or vaguely intrigued, we’re hoping to open eyes and minds to what goes on in creating things and spaces; sharing the seeds of inspiration and the complex skills that go into their growth. For the already style-converted, we hope to offer inspiration and celebration, joy and camaraderie.

In an age of a more conscious capitalism, we’ve found that style requires a bit of redefinition. It’s no longer about mass production and throwaway consumption: the New Style is ethical, accountable, considered, concerned, meticulous, intricate, anecdotal, motivational and enduring. (Quite a list, I know, but I feel it’s important we evolve to adopt this new way of thinking; this new way of being in the world.) At its heart is the idea of authenticity. I know that word has been bandied around a lot of late: to the extent that it’s touching on the cliché. However, there’s never been a more pertinent time for authenticity. Everyone has their own definition, but we believe integrity, mindfulness and a focus on what a human-centred society looks like, are major contributors to being authentic.

I am so incredibly proud of what we’ve created here, especially given the limitations of this life-altering pandemic. An enormous thank you to my brave and brilliant team: Sarah Jayne Fell, Mila Crewe-Brown, Martin Jacobs and Greer Krige for their unwavering enthusiasm and hard work – achieved on a wing and a prayer. Thank you again for seeing the value and potential of this project, and for your sacrifices in seeing it through. Also, a special thank you to our intern Carla Verfaille for all her efforts to get us launched.

Thank you also to all the designers, architects, creatives, crafters, artisans, artists, influencers, brands and our advertisers who have agreed to be a part of this launch edition. You are the foundation of what Lifestyling is about, and I am grateful for your outstanding contributions to this platform.

To my partner Jonathan: no words could express my gratitude. You are a sounding board, a copy editor, a contributor, a moral compass, a guru and my rock. Thank you.

To our readers: we hope you enjoy our style feast! Even in these odd times, we look forward to the future, with you. Let’s build something better.


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