A first look inside this swanky new German ‘poshtel’ by Weylandtstudio

A hostel like you’ve never seen before.

Cast your mind back to the last hostel you stayed in… I bet it looked nothing like the iteration that Weylandtstudio has created in Leipzig, Germany. Groners Hostel Leipzig opened early this year after a restoration that saw the 18th century merchant’s house sensitively restored and geared up for, not just backpacking aesthetes, but business travellers too. 

A private bathroom in each room (with shared bathrooms for each dormitory), a 24/7 coffee bar, a dedicated business corner and design details so swish it’s no wonder they’ve coined this new hybrid a poshtel. “This concept allows for travel on a budget, without compromising on comfort, and for solo travellers, you still get the sense of community that lacks in a hotel or Airbnb. I think it’s a notion that’ll take off once we’re allowed to travel again,” says lead designer Anna Weylandt.

As a South African design team working on a project in Germany, it wasn’t without its challenges. Weylandtstudio worked entirely off plan, without any photos of the interior (since it was only a shell to begin with) and created a mock-up hostel in their Cape Town headquarters to navigate the design.

Moooi rugs, adapted Spati bunkbeds, bespoke artworks and a glut of gorgeous pieces were either custom designed by Weylandtstudio or supplied through their stores and shipped over to Germany in 4 full-to-bursting containers.

Characterised by emerald green and dark floral motifs, the interior has a seductive, luxe look to it and challenges norms with a host of high end, durable finishes that call into question hostel culture as we know it. Have we sparked your wanderlust yet?

Attic Room: Custom bunkbeds and lockable storage were designed specifically for the project. They were adapted from existing Weylandts ranges, but made with sturdier materials to withstand the hostel environment. The Weylandts Edgar Chair sits proudly in almost all of the rooms.
Bend Shelf: In lieu of bed side tables, each bunk is equipped with a Weylandts Bend Shelf to store and charge electronics.
Entrance Lobby: The entrance lobby serves as both a lounge, library and co-working space.
Lux textures like velvet and fur elevate the space.
Library/Co-working: The custom designed and built library and desks serve as the co-working space for the hostel. Guests are encouraged to swap out books and use the desks as a meeting place. The joinery was made in the Weylandts factory in Cape Town and the space features the Weylandts Bliss Dining Chairs in Sea Green Velvet.
Dining Room: The dining room is divided into 2 seating groups – formal dining, as well as the dining lounge, where the custom coffee tables are high enough to lounge, eat or work at. This area features a custom rug made by Cape Town based Rugalia whilst the hanging planters are by Pedersen + Lennard.
Private Bedroom: In addition to the bunkbed rooms, the hostel also offers private rooms with King beds. We adapted the classic Weylandts Spati bed to match the materials used on the bunkbeds. The Moooi Eden Queen carpet steels the show in the pared back dark grey colour scheme.
Games Room Lounge: The games room lounge is a dark and moody space to chill in. The floral wallpaper ties in with the motif from Moooi’s Eden Queen rugs in the rooms. The Weylandts Cuban tufted ottoman and Cubist sofa create flexible and comfortable seating options.
Games Room 2: A large portrait pays homage to the merchant house heritage of the building and overlooks the foosball table and games lounge.
Patio: The red sandstone exterior of the building has been carefully restored to its original pre-war condition. A small patio leads off the dining room where guests can enjoy the summer months at the Weylandts Taba dining tables and Jamie Chairs.


WORDS: Mila Crewe-Brown
CAPTIONS: Weylandtstudio
PRODUCTION: J-P de la Chaumette
INTERIORS: Weylandtstudio
IMAGES: Groners Hostel Leipzig

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